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This week Rick plays the backing track for She Move Me so you can play along. You may want to use the slow down feature to play this at a slower speed until you know it well enough so that your muscle memory will allow you to play it at full tempo.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Muddy Waters
Jerry Portnoy
Rick Russell
Little Walter
Bb Harp
Key of F

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Bb Harp in the Key of F.

loop @ 0:10 backing track




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Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 12, 2013

Hi Jeff ... glad you enjoyed it.  The best way for this song is to use the slow downer / looper and learn it by ear.  Althought it may take you a bit more time that tab, learning this way will pay off immensely as you begin to link the sound in your head with the notes on the guitar.  Please note ... Rick sometimes uses a capo.  I mention that as the song is in the Kef of F.

Finally, we now frame the shots of Rick showing his playing hands, so fellow guitar players can get a better idea of how he is playing these tunes.

jeff morganfield
jeff morganfield Nov 03, 2013

Wow that is one of my favorite Muddy songs. How can I learn the guitar part as well.

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Sep 22, 2012

Thanks Rick

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