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This week we go over the simple fills Walter uses between some of his vocal phrases. They're quite similar with just a small difference between them. Before you listen to this week's lesson, listen to Walter's original and see if you can hear the one note that is different between the main fills in verse one vs. verse two. I show it to you this week.

Bb harp in key of F.

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Jerry Portnoy
Little Walter
Mean Old World

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Bb Harp in the Key of F. Background listening: Little Walter: Mean Old World 

loop @ 0:01 Jerry and Rick playing the 1st verse

loop @ 1:12 1st verse fill

loop @ 2:23 end of 1st verse

loop @ 3:23 2nd verse fill

loop @ 4:23 end of 2nd verse

loop @ 6:15 closing thoughts



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Boyd R
Boyd R Feb 05, 2013

thanks I well try harder

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Feb 04, 2013

Hey Marc,

Your making some some good sounds bending and warbling. I'd like to hear you choose a song from the video lessons and play along with the backing track so I can tell how close you're getting to a common model. It's easier to evaluate your progress that way and ascertain what you need to work on.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Feb 04, 2013

Hey Boyd,

You're starting to make some good sounds. The timing is a little better than last time but still neds some work. I'd like to see you rock back and forth with the beat. Getting that beat inside your body will help you play along, timewise, in a more natural and less self-conscious way.

Boyd R
Boyd R Jan 31, 2013

MY second attempt of HELP ME

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