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Here's the breakdown of the intro to "Just Your Fool." I name the holes to play on some of it but leave you to figure out some of it for yourself. It's important that you do this to improve your ear and listening skills. Hear it and play it. Scat singing the riff really cements it in your mind and makes it easier to find the notes and play them. D harp in key of A.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Key of A
Jerry Portnoy
Little Walter
D Harp

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D Harp in the Key of A. Background listening: Little Walter: Just Your Fool 

loop @ 0:01 intro with Rick

loop @ 0:43 breakdown of intro

loop @ 5:02 skat sing intro with Jerry

loop @ 6:12 whole intro slowly (harmonica only)

loop @ 7:16 thoughts on how to learn




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Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Feb 26, 2013

@ Jerry Portnoy

I hear those spots now that you brought them to my attention.

I'll work on those with one continuous breath

Thank you

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Feb 26, 2013

Hey Biscuit,

Outstanding!! Notes and bends are spot on, lovely vibrato and tone - a really great job. There are a couple of spots where the phrasing is  a tiny bit staccato between the 2nd and 3rd holes or vice versa. Check it out at :7, :11, :15, :17. Easily rectified by playing between those notes as a continuous unbroken breath. Very impressive!!

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Feb 26, 2013

I had some trouble keeping up but here's my shot at the intro.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Dec 20, 2012

Glad you liked that one!

Boyd R
Boyd R Dec 17, 2012


harvey kail
harvey kail Dec 02, 2012

This "Just Your Fool" lesson is great. Thank, Jerry.




Rick Russell
Rick Russell Dec 01, 2012

Hi Brian,

Ricky "King" Russell here to answer your question.

You are correct the intro and solo are standard 12 bar Blues.

The verse and chorus are 8 bar. 

The form is this, in the key of A

I-I-IV-IV-I-V-I-I  VERSE (A section)

IV-I-IV-I-IV-I-V-V CHORUS (B section)

The song form is typicaly AABA, but as usual, there are a few curve balls!

Just count it out and you will see.

Best to you and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for checking us out on Sonic Junction



Brian Cade
Brian Cade Nov 29, 2012

Seems likes Just a Fool uses 12 bars on the Intro and instrumental break, but has an 8-bar structure for the vocal verses.  Is that correct?  If so, what are the chord patterns on the 8-bar verses compared to 12-bar Intro?

Great lesson - thank you


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