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Help Me - Guitar track. Here's Rick playing the guitar backing for Sonny Boy's "Help Me." These guitar tracks give you a chance to explore your own ideas in addition to trying to play close to the original versions.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jerry Portnoy
Sonny Boy II
Bb Harp
Key of F

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Bb harp in the key of "F."


loop @ 2:10 jam with Rick




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Ryan Nov 09, 2014

 Messing about with the jam track, I am going to work on this one for a bit.

jon Dec 14, 2015


I may be over a year late, but brilliant stuff mate!  You've inspired me to pick up my harp and have another go at jerry's lessons.

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Mar 12, 2013

Yes, the original is in F minor played on a Bb harp. Just use a regular A harp if they play it in E minor.

Brian Cade
Brian Cade Feb 24, 2013

is Help Me really in a minor key?  Some of the harp players at jams I attend want to play it in E minor.  


Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Jul 30, 2012


Go to the Forum/Ask Jerry for the answers to your questions regarding, compression, tongue blocking vs pursing, and cupping the mic.


Denis and Boyd,

I'll have Rick lay down a backing track for "Mystery Train" next time he comes in and will post it sometime in the coming weeks.

Rich G
Rich G Jul 16, 2012

Hi Jerry,

I hope you don't mind me asking some general questions here, but a couple of things occurred to  me as I was practicing this song and few others this morning.  One thing you've said in a couple of lessons (perhaps in this one as well) is that a part of a song will require tongue blocking (as opposed to all of the song?).  I would find it helpful if you could explain why at a certain point this is necessary, and what effect it might have on playing that part of the song.  I do tongue block, but, most of the time, only when I am trying to get a deeper tone, or to tongue slap or for split chords.  Learning about other reasons why I might want to tongue block would be useful.  Please forgive me if you have covered this elsewhere.


Another thing that would help me (and I presume others) would be instruction on gettting a good cup, with and without a mic.  I think I do an okay job of this, but certainly could do it better and be more consistent.  I also have fairly small hands so cupping the harmonica and mic together seems a bit difficult at times.  One thing that has helped me recently is acquiring a vintage Astatic 200 Brown Bullet (very cool!), which is a bit smaller than a JT-30 or Shure Green Bullet.  Even so, I am sure I could benefit from your suggestions.  


Thanks.  Rich

DenisF Jul 16, 2012

Very good!!Like Boyd same for Mystery will be great!!


Merci, Denis

Rich G
Rich G Jul 14, 2012

Jerry - I think is a great part of your overall lesson, letting us take what we've learned and do what we can without the crutch of your harmonica backing us up.  Not to say I don't need both - trying to duplicate your tone (or any great harmonica player) is a huge part of improving my ability.

Boyd R
Boyd R Jul 13, 2012

really good and wondering if you could make a track like this for mystery train song. thanks

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