Jerry Portnoy

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Blue Midnight

Third Verse Breakdown

This week we're on to the third chorus of "Blue Midnight." Tone, attack, accuracy and attention to phrasing nuances - swells in volume, slow let-up from certain bends - these are the hallmarks of this song.

Bb harp in key of F.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jerry Portnoy
Little Walter
Bb Harp
Key of F
Blue Midnight

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Bb Harp in the Key of F.

loop @ 0:53 I Chord (4 Bars) Starts on 3rd Hole Draw

loop @ 2:31 IV Chord (2 Bars) Starts on 5th Hole Draw

loop @ 2:59 I Chord (2 Bars) Starts on 2 Hole Draw

loop @ 3:35 V Chord (1 Bar) Starts on 1st Hole Draw

loop @ 3:43 IV Chord (1 Bar) and Turnaround (2 Bars) to Learn By Ear

loop @ 4:00 Run-Through of Second Chorus

loop @ 5:00 Closing Thoughts


Little Walter's Blue Midnight (Bb Harp in the Key of F)




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