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Greetings Guitar Friends and Neighbors!

Here we are with one of my favorite songs from my Canadian childhood, Four Strong Winds, Ian and Sylvia’s moving tribute to long distance relationships. In this lesson we’ll go back to looking at a relaxed strumming hand and what that really entails physically and mentally. We’ll also look into a few bass runs in the key of G that will make the song come alive in subtle but meaningful ways. This is social music and a great sing along song but more than many of the ones we’ve looked at so far this this is a beautiful song to sit and play solo on a quiet evening. Sometimes I need tunes that I can go back to any time any place to get grounded in what it means to sing and play guitar and put an emotional idea across, even if there isn’t an audience!

Let me know what you think…..

Dan Zanes




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Four Strong Winds


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Loop 2:18 What You Will Learn Today

Loop 4:33 Breakdown of Chords and Rhythm

Loop 15:48 2nd Guitar Part For Four Strong Winds

Loop 18:25 Closing Thoughts

Loop 19:55 Outro





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