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Three Little Birds

Strumming and Singing

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Three Little Birds > Strumming and Singing

Whoa! Things are getting pretty nice around here as we take a look at our strumming hand. This almost feels like a country version of a Bob Marley song and why not? This is social music and anything goes! We’re taking the songs and making them our own. We’re continuing to build a solid foundation with our strumming so you know there’s going to be talk of alternating bass notes and slowing things down to get that even tempo and feel. But there’s more! We’ll consider the context and think about what was going on with Bob Marley when he sang this song. It’s one thing to sing the song and it’s another thing to get inside the song. For that we need to go deep with the lyrics. In this lesson I’ll also be talking about language and how we can reinforce positive (or negative) feelings about our abilities. The things we tell ourselves really do have an effect on our ability to learn. Overall, there are some tangents in this lesson but it’s social music and means there’s going to be some hanging out time and hanging out talk!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Three Little Birds

Loop 0:29 Welcome and What You Will Learn Today

Loop 2:55/a> Strumming Breakdown

Loop 6:20 Getting Inside the Song

Loop 8:20 Alternating Bass Note Breakdown

Loop 10:35 Practice Loop of Three Little Birds


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 12:12 Singing

Loop 15:20 Closing Thoughts and Singing Outro





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darryl Feb 28, 2021

great lesson Dan, I like the laid back stye and nice breakdown i agree with our comment, maybe some of your improv ideas that work over the progressions would be cool.

Thank you!


Jay Jun 05, 2017

wow dan, that finished off nicely. you could almost do another lesson on how to fancy up the playing the way you were doing there.

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jun 05, 2017

hey there jay!

wow, thanks for bringing me back to this. i'd forgotten about it!

maybe it would be useful to bring out a bag of tricks that can be applied to a bunch of these songs, things to lift them up. i'm going to go back and review.

thanks for your comments man, i really appreciate them!

yr pal,



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