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Jamaica Farewell > Chords, Rhythm and Riffs

Greetings My Fine Guitar Playing Friends!

Here we are again deep in the land of Social Music, this time with Irving Burgie's classic Jamaica Farewell as made popular by the great Harry Belafonte. It's three chords - G, C and D - around and around and around which gives us a chance to really explore some of the various inversions up and down the neck as we take instrumental solos. This song is certainly social but because it allows for so many different melodic chordal possibilities it can also serve as a very meditative piece to play. I certainly suggest getting comfortable singing this one and inviting as many people along as you can. This was one of my early successes with harmony singing when I recorded a version of it with Angelique Kidjo and if I can harmonize you can too!! Let me know what you think of this one and have fun with it!!

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Jamaica Farwell


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Loop 2:25 What You Will Learn Today

Loop 5:13 Breakdown of Chords, Rhythm and Riffs

Loop 24:10 Closing Thoughts

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Jay Sep 24, 2018

Another wonderful song!

Dan, sure hope you're having fun touring & making music, and sure hope you'll get back to SJ to give us another lesson or two!



Jay Nov 01, 2017

Hey Dan, the social music man.

this is another beautiful piece of music, with a whole lot of interesting ways to play around with it. i'll be working on this. thanks for the mention, by the way.

here's my feedback on your lessons so far: they're just great - great tunes, and really good ways to play them. i love those soulful solos. really feel like i'm learning a lot here on your site.

best regards,


Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Nov 01, 2017

Hey There Jay!

Thanks Man, your feedback really means a lot. I appreciate hearing that this approach is connecting. In some ways I'm winging it but maybe that's because I never had a lot of formal learning along the way. I've been able to get a lot from the other teachers here at the Junction and the feedback certainly helps me stay on the right path.

Keep sending the thoughts and updates, your playing is really evolving and it's great to see it happen!! I like the way you're using these songs and lessons as a starting point for a strong style that's all your own.

Yr pal,


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