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You Got To Move

Vibrato & Dampening

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You Got To Move > Vibrato & Dampening

In this video I review holding the the slide as well as vibrato and dampening the strings as you play. I also talk about the importance of not playing too much slide, but using it effectively when you do.

I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Open E Tuning
Corey Harris
Open E Tuning
Mississippi Fred McDowell
You Got To Move

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You Got To Move background listening: Mississippi Fred McDowell

loop @ 0:00 run-through

loop @ 1:04 open E tuning (E A E Ab B E)

loop @ 1:40 holding the slide & putting out fires

loop @ 4:17 vibrato and rhythm

loop @ 6:12 using your thumb as an anchor

loop @ 7:53 alternative line

$6.0.$1./9 $6.0.$1./9 $6.0.$1./9 | $6.0.$1./9\ $1.5 $6.0.$5.0.$4.0 $1.5 $6.0.$1./7 $6.0.$1.4 $1.0 $2./5 | $1.0 $2.0 $3.1p0 $4.0 $6.0

loop @ 8:31 IV chord & diminished walk-down

$5.0 | $5.2 $4.0.$1.0 $2.2 $5.2.$1.0 $1.0 $4.0 $5.0 | $5.1 $1.0 $4.0.$1.0 $2.1 $1.0 $5.1 $4.2 |

loop @ 10:57 other IV and V chord forms

%X/X.4/2.5/3.3/1.X/X.X/X[B7] %X/X.2/2.3/3.1/1.X/X.X/X[A7]

loop @ 11:45 closing thoughts and what to practice this week




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lazarlem Jun 14, 2015

You may be rich you may be poor 

you may not no a whole lot more

but when the Lord come to get you, you better move.


You may be a sinner

you may be a saint

you may know what is

and what ain't,

but when the Lord come to get you, you better move.


lazarlem Jun 14, 2015

There are two more chords i'd like to see diagrammed that you showed. One was augmented I think. The two chords that are present look the same.  


You may be high, you may be low

you may not know which way to go

but when the Lord come to get you, you better move.


You better move

you better move all say

you better move

Cause when the Lord come to get you

You better move 

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jun 14, 2015

Hi Lazarlem --- sure, we can diagram the chords.  

Can you please let us know the timecodes Corey plays them?


Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Apr 09, 2013

@Corey...thanks for feedback...I think the action is quite low as I'm used to put a capo...Usually I play Vestapol in open D as I use 0,13 strings...If I tune the guitar in open E I can feel especially the 4th string really at the point to break itself...I was reasoning too in these days about the touch and I realized by myself that I tend to put too much force picking the high strings and as a consequence put even more force on the bass I was tryin, before reading your message, to really pick the high strings in such a light way that I quite can't even hear it!!! :DD...but the result was nice..the bass was quite nice and Italian I would say....mi faccio, la domanda e mi trovo la risposta..e prima o poi vedrai che ci arrivo..:DD


A presto


Corey Harris
Corey Harris Apr 09, 2013

@ Alex...nice work.   I think that you should try and use a lighter touch on your slide.  I am wondering about the action on your strings (how high are the strings from the fretboard).  If the action is too low, the slide will not sound as good.  I think medium action is best because you can get a deeper slide sound and still be able to fret the strings without too much effort.  Also, lighten up your touch on your right hand and focus more on the bass.  The slide plays the melody that ACCOMPANIES the bass; the bass (thumb) is the foundation.  If you play slightly quieter and with a lighter touch then the bass will come through better.

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Mar 30, 2013

@Corey..thanks for all the explanations..Slide tecnique is so's really easy to get noise..The "right" way to hold the slide for me has been very determinant..Since I started to hold that way, which you talked a lot in the past lessons, I could see the difference...and even dampen the strings...slide is really a long journey..

anyway here's my feedback...I put some kind of variations at the end...but in general to me maybe there's not so much bass sound when I play the you think I should dig a little bit more?....I'm workin on the other brushes too and add some different chords..I think they're B7 and A7

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