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In this lesson we turn our attention to how to approach singing the tune.  We begin by talking about variaitons and the importance of not starting too loud and having the vocal line stand apart from the guitar.

I hope you enjoy this one.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Open G Tuning
Corey Harris
Muddy Waters
Open G Tuning
Rollin' and Tumblin'
Slide Guitar

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Open G Tuning ( D G D G B D )

Loop 0:00 Run-Through


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 3:45 Introduction to Singing Rollin' and Tumblin'

Loop 4:30 Vocal and Guitar Run-Through of Singing


Well, I rolled and I tumbled, cried the whole night long

Well, I rolled and I tumbled, cried the whole night long

Well, I woke up this mornin', didn't know right from wrong


Well, I told my baby, before I left that town

Well, I told my baby, before I left that town

Well, don't you let nobody, tear my barrelhouse down


Well, ahh, mmm-hmmm, owww, oww ooo, aww, oww, oh

Aaa, mmm-hmmm, oww, oh oh oh owww, oww ooo, aww, oww, oh


Loop 4:30 Breakdown of Vocals

Loop 8:46 Letting the G String Ring

Loop 9:40 How To Learn and Practice Singing






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Jay Oct 21, 2016

hi corey,

rollin & tumblin is the last lesson i see on the web site. there must be other lessons, i'm sure. is there a lesson archive somewhere?

in particular, i'm looking for another open A Spanish tune. i'm doing CC Rider, Jinx blues (i find Dry Spell a bit tricky).

really like the lessons.

best regards,


Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 15, 2016

Hi Jay --- if you go to Corey's Artist Hub page, you will see a list of all of Corey's lessons.  

We will be breaking them out by tuning over the next couple days.

Edu Ferre
Edu Ferre Oct 17, 2016

 Hi Corey and everybody!

I know that the tempo must be more consistent and, because I'm tryin' to sound more straight, sometimes I lose the control of my fingers and play not too clean. Can you tell me what I need improve?.

Also I know you will be playing in Madrid soon, of course I will be there to see you and it would be great too if we can talk, just to meet and say you thanks in person.

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Oct 18, 2016

Greetings Edu.  I would say that you could slow it down and that will help.  Also try using a lighter touch on the strings...I have found that this is usually a the reason why we can lose control and not play clean.  So when you practice, practice the song at very slow speeds at first so that you can really get acquainted with it.  Take more time to get to know the song.  Looking forward to Madrid.  Honor!

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Oct 15, 2016

Hey Corey, it's been a while since I commented on one of your lessons, but I still watch them.  Thank you.

Just wanted to let you know that Rollin & Tumblin has quickly become one of my favorites for Blues jams.  People like the slide and the drive, and it is an easy song for the band to follow.

Thanks again


Corey Harris
Corey Harris Oct 18, 2016

Thanks Peter and all the best in music.

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