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Keep Your Lamp Trimmed

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In this lesson I slow down the slide phrases and give some variations on the melody.  I also play the bass for a few measures so that you all can play along.  Brushing the strings as opposed to digging in is discussed.  Remember to keep a light touch!  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Open E Tuning

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loop @ 0:43 to practice the melody variations


loop @ 1:55 to slow practice the melody variations


loop @ 3:42 to practice the lower string melody variations


loop @ 4:18 to practice the hammer on bass lines


loop @ 5:43 to practice the brush run through


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Mike Caren
Mike Caren Mar 07, 2012

I'm still enjoying practicing this one.  I'm working on intonation now.


Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Feb 24, 2012

@Mike.....Di niente Mike, figurati!!!! :))) It's a pleasure to share the same passion!!! :)))

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Feb 23, 2012

@ Corey .. thanks.  Great feedback.  Will do.  I'm now getting comfortable with the melody and bass together so I can really start focusing on the melody, vibrato and touch.  Yes .. I probably do need to increase the action a bit. I sanded down the nut 5 years ago .. which was probably a mistake.  

@ Alex .. thanks for the encouragement.  It's fun and coming along.  Nice run through!  

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Feb 22, 2012

@Corey...My girlfriend explained me about the Earthday...I didn't know about it...;))))

I've tried today to use only the end of the slide and I feel more comfortable now...One more thing that I'm not sure I've understood but only because it's in English...:))) I've tried to pay more attention about palm muting...I can do that only in the 4th,5th and 6th string..Is this correct? I was also tryin to reduce some noise with my left hand, "muting" the strings with the others 3 fingers... This tune is really difficoult :))

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Feb 21, 2012

@Alex...thanks for the Earthday wishes.  Your playing is coming along.  I suggest that you go back and listen to the original version as well as my version, then play the licks very slowly.  Don't try to pay it up to speed right now, just make sure that you are playing the right lines.  It seems to me that there are a couple notes that are off.  Also try and isolate whatever string you are playing at the moment by damping/muting the other strings with your palm and by being careful how you place the slide on the strings.  Try just using the end/tip of the slide do that you are not sliding on the other strings.  Keep it up!

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Feb 21, 2012's my attempt with keep your lamp...I started doing the melody, then I ad the bass, after the voice....and the ending is my joyfull "tribute" to BWJ :)))

Happy Birthday! :))



Corey Harris
Corey Harris Feb 20, 2012

@Mike...yes it is coming along.  Pay attention to controlling your slide and use the vibrato more.  Also focus on the notes in the line and make sure they are the same notes I am hitting.  You thought about using a guitar with higher action?  That would elimintate some of the fret noise.  Also work on not hitting strings that you are not playing...that's where tilting your slide and muting/damping is useful.  Keep it up....

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Feb 20, 2012

@Mike....This is great!!!! :)) Now your sound is so much full!!!!:)))))

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Feb 20, 2012

Hi Corey .. really enjoying this song .. thanks!  Here's a video of where I am.  I got the thumb and melody working together (most of the time).  Now I'm on to phrasing, lighter touch and really trying to make some music.  This is the first slide song I've ever brought together .. so it's a lot of fun!!

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