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In this second lesson of Bumble Bee blues I introduce some new licks that you may remember from the Catfish blues lesson several months back. My goal is to give you a bag of licks and riffs to choose from so that you have choices and are not restricted to playing the song the same way every time. I also discuss singing with the tune and the importance of singing from your comfort zone. If you have any questions please post a message to the site; post videos to show us how you are progressing. I look forward to hearing from you.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Delta Blues
Corey Harris
Acoustic Blues
Mance Lipscomb
Bumble Bee Blues

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Bumble Bee background listening: Mance Lipscomb , Memphis Minnie and  Big Mama Thorton

loop @ 1:18 run through 

loop @ 5:38 going to the IV version 1

$6.3 | $5.0 $2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$2.0.$1.0 $2.2 $1.0 $5.0.$2.2.$1.3 0 $3.x.$2.x.$1.x $6./3 | $5.0 $2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$2.0.$1.0 $2./5 $5.0 $2.3 $5.0.$3.4\2p0 $4.2 | $6.0.$3.0h1p0

loop @ 6:07 going to the IV version 2

$6.3 | $5.0 $2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$2.0.$1.0 $2.0 $1.0 $5.0.$2./5.$1.0 $5.0 $6./3 | $5.0 $2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$2.0.$1.0 $2.0 $1.0 $5.0.$2./5.$1.0 $2.3 $5.0.$3.4\2p0 $4.2 | $6.0.$3.0h1p0

loop @ 7:08 all together

loop @ 7:50 E (I chord) riff

$2.3^ $1.0 3^ 0 $2.3^ 0 $3./4\2p0 $4.2 $3.0h1p0

loop @ 8:08 going to the IV version 3

$6.3 | $5.0 $2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$2.0.$1.0 $2.2 $1.0 $5.0.$2.2.$1.3 0 $5.0 $2.0 1 | $5.0.$2.2 $2.2.$1.3 $5.0.$1.0 $2.2 $1.0 $2./5.$5.0 $2.3 $5.0.$3.4\2p0 $4.2 | $6.0.$3.0h1p0

loop @ 9:11 going to the IV version 4

$5.0.$3./6 $2.5 $5.0.$1.7 6 5 0 $5.0.$2.7^v $5.0 $2.0 | $5.0.$2.8^.$1.0 $2. 8^.$1.0 $5.0.$2.8^.$1.0 $2. 8^.$1.0 $5.0.$2.8^.$1.0 $2.0 $5.0.$3./4\2p0 $4.2 | $6.0.$3.0h1p0

loop @ 9:46 going to the IV all 4 versions together

loop @ 12:30 solo / backing up a singer

loop @ 13:54 a few more riffs

loop @ 15:58 singing




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JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Jan 08, 2013

Thanks for your answer Corey. "Singing with feeling in my confortable zone" speaks more to me that to feel somebody else feeling !

When i improvised a guitar chorus i don't think emotion like, anger, fun or love i just try to be "one" and let the music go out. Because if you think of a particulary emotion you're not focus on your playing. I guess it's the same for the voice ! Singing teachers are often about dramatic emotion and about playin a role like in theatre. But what you says help more : i don't have to try to feel like old bluesman because i can't. I haven't the same life. I just have to be me and play what i feel using this old song that speaks to me.

I wanted to play country blues for a long time but it seemed very intricated and the sound was hard to listen. So i've never work this style until last year when i decided to get my ears and fingers in it and play that style. And now adding the voice, i feel really great and happy. A new journey beggin :)


@Alex great stuff !! you've made a nice version !!

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jan 07, 2013

@JDY...I am glad that you are enjoying the lessons and that it is helping you.  Yes it's all about finding your own voice.  The only rules are to sing in key, follow the rhythm and put your feeling (how you feel, not how you think someboy else feels) into the music.  Make it your own...I wish you luck in your journey.  Looking forward to seeing/hearing your post.  Thanks.

JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Jan 07, 2013

Hello Corey, that's was the lesson i wanted with singing tips ! I'm workin on it !

You're right, even if i have a stella voice i'll try to do the best in my confort zone just express something. It give me confidence. Your lesson are really great Corey :) I sing Running and hidding in C with a capo, the guitar is not as good as E but the voice is better...

i'll post a video soon :)

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Sep 17, 2012's my last attempt...sorry I didn't have time to study the new licks..I've been pretty busy this week..I've tried to do something takin more care about dynamics..but it's really nothing special...this week has been tough!! :D

I think this is your best lesson..There's a lot of passion in it!!! thanks!! :))

@Luca...Corey è una bella persona anche di persona...scusa il gioco di parole. Ci siamo incontrati questa estate ad un festival blues ed è stata proprio una bella esperienza. Ha portato la sua musica in un posto molto speciale e la gente si è molto divertita. A presto!! :))


luca mattioli
luca mattioli Sep 17, 2012

Corey, first of all you're a wonderful person and then you're a wonderful musician. Thank you for being generous. We need generousity in this world of people that take but have difficulty in giving.

May you always have a wonderful life. You deserve it.


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