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In this lesson I review keeping a steady bass. I also talk about imagining endings and beginnings for your songs and I demonstrate a couple possible endings for this tune. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Delta Blues

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loop @ 0:45 ending 1

$5.0.$1.0 2 $5.0.$1.5 0 $5.0.$1.2 5 $5.0.$1.0 2 | $5.0.$1.5 0 $5.0.$1.2 $5.0.$1.3 |


loop @ 2:35 ending 2

$5.0.$3.10.$2.9.$1.10 $5.0 0 0 | $5.0.$3.9.$2.8.$1.9 $3.9.$2.8.$1.9 $5.0 0 $3.8.$2.7.$1.8 $5.0 | $5.0 $5.0.$1.5 3 $5.0.$1.2 $2.5 $5.0.$2.4 3 | $5.0.$2.2 $2./2 $5.0.$3.2 $2.2 $5.0.$3.2.$2.3 |

loop @ 3:33 ending 3

$2.13^.$1.12 $2.13^.$1.12 $2.13^.$1.12 $2.13^.$1.12 $2.13^.$1.12 $2.13^.$1.12 $2.13^.$1.12 $2.13^.$1.12 | $1.0 2 $2.2.$1.3 |


loop @ 4:11 ending 4


loop @ 5:00 bass


loop @ 10:50 singing slow



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Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jun 19, 2012

yes Mike...It is what I'm tryin to do...I'm really interested in the right hand tech rather then be fast with the left...A lot of people are fascinated by those guys who move fast on the neck...but me, I like those strange things and sound you can create by using properly the right's the base...if you work wrong with the right then everything will sound bad..I think that the most important swithces for me were to avoid use of the pick and start picking the strings on the neck of the guitar...and also that brushes similar to the flamenco rasqueado...and the way to hold the slide....very usefull and keyfull teachings...thanks you Corey for this!!! :))

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jun 18, 2012

@Alex .. thanks!  Yes, amazing how much we both have learned.  Each song is getting a easier for me.  You're playing has really improved ... especially you right hand technique.  I can see you putting to use the techniques Corey is teaching like the thumb pop of the base string.

Great to be with you on this journey with you and Corey!

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jun 17, 2012

@Mike....great video..:)) We have improved a lot since the beginning of our journey...isn't it? :)))) Corey's advice reminded me a lot what my african friends used to tell me when I started to play Djembe....I used, like many others, to put my hands on the drums and try to make some kind of of my friends, Makhtar who actually is like a brother for me told me that first I had to sing the rithm and only after try to do something on the djembe....and I like this didattica :)))


@Corey Thanks...the first lick is preatty hard..expecially that sliding part on the beginnning..It seems easy but It isn't...boh!!! I was trying to sing on it....difficoult to remain in reminded me when I used to sing while I was playing djembe on the same time :))) I haven't found the original version of BLJ....

By the way,,,are you goin to teach us Special Rider? It's one of my favourite!! I did something with your lesson on homespun but with Sonic Junction will be different for sure....:)))

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jun 16, 2012

Hi Corey .. here's where I am.  Still getting it ... especially going to the E.  The point you mentioned about imagining the vocals is a great piece of advice.  It's funny how just imagining can influence my playing (the mind is really so interesting) ... that said, it seems to be a nice half-way point between just playing and singing.  I'm going to experiment with it this week and see how it goes.  Thanks for the great advice!!

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jun 16, 2012

@Alex...everything else here sounds good.  All you need is the opening riff and you will be there.  Try going back and listening and then work it out very slowly.  Later you can bring up the tempo.  Until next time...

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jun 16, 2012

@Alex ... Awesome!  You inpsire me ... I will post a video tomorrow.  

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jun 16, 2012's my attempt :))) Still having problems with the first two licks....


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