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Baby Please Don't Go

Slide Dynamics & Singing

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Baby Please Don't Go > Slide Dynamics & Singing

In this lesson I discuss how to hold the slide. Different techniques for getting dynamic sounds from the slide are also covered. Finally I talk about how to sing in time with the guitar accompaniment. Enjoy!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Open E Tuning
Corey Harris
Open E Tuning
Lightnin Hopkins
Baby Please Don't Go
Big Joe Williams
Slide Guitar

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Background listening for Baby Please Don't Go: Big Joe Williams & Lightning Hopkins

loop @ 1:30 slide dynamics

loop @ 7:12 singing

loop @ 8:48 playing ahead of the beat (5th measure is different)

$6.0 $1. $2.0 $1. $4.0.$2.2 $1. $1.0 $1. $6.0.$1./3 $1. $1. $4.0.$1.0 $1. $2./5 | $6.0 $1. $1. $4.x.$2.x.$1.x $1. $1. $1. $6.0.$3.1p0 $1. $1. $4.0 $1. $2.0.$1.0 |
$6.0 $1. $2.0 $1. $4.0.$2.2 $1. $1.0 $1. $6.0.$1./3 $1. $1. $4.0.$1.0 $1. $2./3 | $6.0 $1. $1. $4.x.$2.x.$1.x $1. $1. $1. $6.0.$3.1p0 $1. $1. $4.0 $1. $1./7 |
$6.0 $1. $1. $1. $4.0 $1. $1.0 $1. $6.0.$1./5 $1.\4 $1. $4.0.$1.0 $1. $2./5 | $6.0 $1. $1. $4.x.$2.x.$1.x $1. $2.0 $1. $6.0.$2./3 $1. $1. $4.0.$2.0 $1. $2./5 |
$6.0 $1. $1. $4.x.$2.x.$1.x $1. $2.0 $1. $6.0.$3.1p0 $1. $1. $4.0 $1. $2.0.$1.0 | $6.0 $1. $2.0 $1. $4.0.$2.2 $1. $1.0 $1. $6.0.$1./3 $1. $1. $4.0.$1.0 $1. $2./5 |
$6.0 $1. $1. $4.x.$2.x.$1.x $1. $1. $1. $6.0.$3.1p0 $1. $1. $4.0 $1. $2.0.$1.0 |

loop @ 9:31 closing thoughts




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Harry Roullier
Harry Roullier Oct 15, 2014

Thank you Corey. Now I have a grip on the alternating bass it's time to saturate my brain and hope my thumb goes on auto pilot. So... Diddy wah Ditty, John Henry, Jack of diamonds, and I have also started on Take me back..... I have my work cut out for me. Lets hope it works,  Thanks again.

Harry Roullier
Harry Roullier Sep 29, 2014


Corey Harris
Corey Harris Oct 14, 2014

Greetings Harry and thaks for posting.  You have a nice alternating bass here throughout and your slide sounds good.  There are a couple spots where the rhythm drops out a little but other than that the guitar sounds good.  I would suggest that you start the song at a medium volume and then let it build.  This is better than starting loud and then dialing it back to end the song.  It's like hot can always add more, but if you put too much in the pot you can't take it out.  Keep it up...sounding good.

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Sep 06, 2013 have a nice tone in your playing, and the slide sounds good too.  I think you should focus now on tempo and rhythm.  Find the one one rally dig into it...try playing to a metronome whenever you can and then when you feel like you have made some progress you can rely on your foot.  Thanks for posting.

JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Sep 06, 2013

Hello Corey,

i'm back again ! First let me thank you for your kinds words on last lesson and the open mic :) ! I hadn't many time before the next lesson so here's my homework. I'm angry about the tempo wich i always speed up and more again when i start singing but i work on that. I think my vibrato is too short too... i may play slowly. Without the metronome i'm up to 130 and 120 with it.

see you soon, cheers



Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Sep 05, 2013

@Corey I don't know if it's the microphone ... certainly the fans of the PC does not help us. I can hear much a lower volume. I try to put a little more energy, then.

The parlor compared to the other guitar that you already know (that's cool :D) has a lower action but I do not think that this is the cause of noise you hear ... I still have a lot to work on this ...;)

thanks for the tips on Dark was the night. I try to alternate more.:)

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Sep 04, 2013 the first part of the video it sounds a little too quiet.  I'm not sure if it was the microphone or you playing quietly.  When you brush the strings with the flesh of your finger give it a little more force so that it sounds fuller.  Push down slightly on the string instead of just picking it.

Try and minimize the sounds of your slide hitting the guitar frets as much as possible.  Maybe your action is still a little too low.  I leave that up to you.

Also when you play slide, especially on slow tunes like "Dark Was the Night" you should alternate between sliding into the note without vibrato and playing the note with vibrato.  You do this some but if you did it more it make your playing more interesting.

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Sep 02, 2013's my attempt. sorry for the long video. I though to divide it in 3 parts...first just doing scale starting brush the string and then picking so that you can listen the difference of sound, if there is, and where to correct. I think I understood the concept and thanks for sharing the secret..never seen before somebody explain this important difference in the touch of the least me...I after try to be more dynamic executing some scale and after the instrumental "Dark was the night, Cold was the ground"..what do you think about it? I have tried to pick the strings in different ways...

second part it's me just doing the alternating base and singing and 3rd it's singin and playin

I've got a request if possible....If you for example could you show us how you dampening the strings with your right hand...I quite can see but would be really better if you could show us just putting the guitar oblique with respect to the camera...If you see my hand I have my little finger really straight while yours seems to be bent. I'm asking because I'm not really satisfied about the sound I'm getting and maybe it's because of the way I put my hand on the guitar case.

Thanks for the lesson

@Mike...this is my parlour guitar! ;)))

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