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With Body and Soul is a great bluegrass standard that is built around the b7** chord. What is a b7 you ask? A b7 is a major chord that is a whole step below the root chord of the song. In this case I'm playing the song in D major. The b7 is C major (and If we were playing a song in the key of A the b7 chord would be G major). This is because the song is in a fundamentally different tonality or mode called mixolydian.

A mixolydian scale is like a normal major scale, except that the 7th of the scale is flatted. So the notes of a D mixolydian scale are D(1) E(2) F#(3) G(4) A(5) B(6) C(b7). Notice too that these exact notes are the notes in a G major scale: G(1) A(2) B(3) C(4) D(5) E(6) F#(7). Another way to look at this is that D mixolydian is just a G major scale, but where you start and end the scale on D.

Regardless, none of this theory will make or break your ability to play this song, but it's fun stuff, and actually quite simple!



** That b is the flat symbol, btw, not a B note!



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With Body and Soul
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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of With Body and Soul

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Bryan Mabe
Bryan Mabe May 25, 2016

Way to go Kip

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti May 21, 2016


I guess I've lived under a rock my entire life because "With Body and Soul" is another wonderful song I've never heard. I doubt I'll be able to sing it well enough to post but I willl try to learn the guitar parts.

I started to explore the intro and here is a video of it. Does this work ... a combination of some cross picking and strumming. I don't think the final little run is correct or at least the way you played it but I'll have to be shown how to do that.

Cool song - thank you!


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge May 30, 2016

Yeah, sounds great Kip! I really like the way you internalized my version and have turned it into your own thing. I really like how you've embraced the funky side of it.

One thing: make sure that your whole arm is loose and engaged. It looks like you're mostly moving from your right wrist and that things are a bit locked up further up your arm. Something to be mindful of...

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