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Introduction and Considering Dynamics

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One of the most overlooked tools in a flatpicker's toolbox is the use of dynamics. It can be very easy, especially as a flatpicker, to always play as loud as possible. This is understandable: in a stringband the guitar is much quieter than any of the other instruments. However, there is a lot of musical drama that's easily accessible to you by just considering the large, phrase-length dynamic contours that are possible. This week we I'm teaching the intro that I played on last week's video with special emphasis on the dynamics. Give it a try. The extra drama you can get from playing dynamically is relatively low-hanging fruit!





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Bill Monroe
With Body and Soul
Chris Eldridge

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Introduction to With Body and Soul


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Loop 0:35 Playing With Dynamics

Loop 4:47 Breakdown of Introduction

Loop 17:37 Slow Practice Loop of Introduction

Loop 18:33 Ending Variations

Loop 20:34 Closing Thoughts and Outro





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Dustin Raley
Dustin Raley Oct 15, 2017

Really loved the discussion on dynamics! I find myself focusing on that more and more and in all kinds of musical settings. Thanks for that.

Also, great song for playing in D. I've always avoided it (capo 2 C shapes all day) but am now experiencing the joys of open D. Mixolydian mode helps! Thanks again for the great lesson.

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Feb 20, 2017

I thought I woild check back in with this intro with an eye on being looser as you suggested to be mindful of perviously. After watching the video I think I'll drop an "O" and leave it at loser ha ha (kidding).  I felt looser but it didn't necessairly appear to be the case on the video. Also, it's out of my vocal range to try and sing so I won't torture anyone with that. I think I would like to revisit many of these earlier lessons to check progress.


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Feb 21, 2017

Kip, this sounds great. You keep getting better, I truly love seeing your progress! Yeah, keep revisiting the early ones and see how they are now.

Bryan Mabe
Bryan Mabe May 28, 2016


Great lesson man! Your song choices are wonderful.....this will help so much with learning more about playing in D

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