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Whiskey Before Breakfast

Playing in D

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Whiskey Before Breakfast > Playing in D

This week we're closing out Whiskey Before Breakfast in it's proper key of D, but sans capo! Whiskey feels tailor made to be played out of an open C position, but open D makes a lot of sense too, particularly because you have open strings corresponding to all of the different chords in the song (D, the 1; G, the 4; A, the 5; and Em, the 2). If you're not already comfortable playing out of D, I want you to use this week to explore the key and position. This particular tune lays out pretty well on the fingerboard in D. If you get this one quickly, try transposing some of the other songs we've learned to D.






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Julian Lage
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Chris Eldridge

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Whiskey Before Breakfast in D


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Loop 0:49 Introduction to the Lesson

Loop 2:20 Breakdown of Playing Whiskey Before Breakfast in D

Loop 13:28 Closing Thoughts






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tim james
tim james Sep 16, 2016

great,cool  tune !!!!!!!

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