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Whiskey Before Breakfast

Crosspicking Within A Fiddle Tune

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Whiskey Before Breakfast > Crosspicking Within A Fiddle Tune

This week we're going to look at using crosspicking within the already notey confines of a fiddle tune. Deploying crosspicking in this context often sounds cool because you get the sound of rapid-fire notes, but, because you're usually crosspicking an entire chord before you change anything in your left hand, there's a sense of the music moving in slow motion as well. It's a great, underutilized technique.






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Julian Lage
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Chris Eldridge

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Crosspicking Whiskey Before Breakfast


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Loop 0:48 Introduction to the Lesson

Loop 2:10 Breakdown of A Section

Loop 14:22 Closing Thoughts






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Torgeir Jorem
Torgeir Jorem Dec 28, 2017

Thanks for a very good lesson! I've find crosspicking really difficult to master, so any advice/comment to this video is much appreciated. Torgeir, Norway 

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Dec 28, 2017

Hi Torgeir! Sounding good! One thing that immediately jumps out to me is that you are playing with a lot of swing, almost to the point where 2 16th notes resemble playing the 1st and 3rd notes of a triplet. That will rob you of time between your upstrokes and downstrokes. SO, you might try playing it again with your rhythm totally straightened out, and see what that feels like. My guess is that it will be easier. Also, the amount of “swing feel” in one’s playing is to taste, but I would try straightening your feel out a bit. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.



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