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Tennessee Waltz

Finding and Using Chords Up the Neck, Pt. 2

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Tennessee Waltz > Finding and Using Chords Up the Neck, Pt. 2


This week we're going to look at how to play the B part of TN Waltz up the neck. There's a fun voice-led transition from the D major to the F# major. See if you can determine how those shapes are derived. And notice how each of the 3 voices are moving between the two chords.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Melody Up The Neck


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 1:09 Breakdown of B Section

Loop 10:30 Closing Thoughts





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Marty Kerner
Marty Kerner Mar 12, 2017


On my computer, when I move my curser across the "lesson screen" , text appears across the top left that says   "Video speed: Normal  50% 75% " with small circles to the left of each option.  Clicking on the circles slows down the video to the desired speed.  Hope this helps.

Boyd R
Boyd R Mar 12, 2017

it'a not showing 

Boyd R
Boyd R Mar 12, 2017

how do you slow the lesson down. i cannot slow it down. i ran my mouse across the screen it won't slow down



Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Mar 11, 2017

Thanks for the kind words fellas! It was a fun tour indeed. Jules and I are heading out with Aoife O'Donovan next week for more. Dates can be found at in case anyone is interested in coming to see us play.

The guitar I was playing was my 1954 D-28, better known to some as Uncle Johnny. He's a beastly guitar!

Allen StJohn
Allen StJohn Mar 12, 2017

Both guitars sounded great, thanks to that big ol' Neumann (?) mic.
The only way the show could have been better is if you actually played *in* Katz's Deli. Right behind the pastrami carvers.
Half-sours and dills on the side.

Marty Kerner
Marty Kerner Mar 10, 2017

I was at Rockwood Thursday night, and the set was fantastic.  I've never seen a larger crowd there.  Thanks, Chris.

Allen StJohn
Allen StJohn Mar 11, 2017

Lageridge was pretty good on Thursday. Almost as good as my sandwich from Katz's. 
But seriously, what impressd me was how atttentive--and how flat out quiet--the SRO crowd was. 
I can't recall too many better hours of guitar music, so don't miss them if they're coming to a town anywhere near you. 
(Mr. E: What guitar were you playing? It looked like it had more playwear than I remember on the '39.)

Allen StJohn
Allen StJohn Mar 09, 2017

Anyone going to see our esteemed teacher and his friend Mr. Lage at Rockwood in Manhattan tonight? (Thurs March 9)
The new record is a killer and I can't wait for the set. I'l be there--and at Katz's for dinner beforehand--so if you see me, say hi. 
I'll be wearing a Henderson Guitars baseball cap and shouting "Freebird!"

Allen St.. John 

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