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Nashville Blues

Second Solo - Hillbilly Boogie Woogie Flatpicking

This solo is another great example of using patterns as a means of getting around, but, in addition to the patterns Norman utilizes some licks that have a bit of a boogie-woogie vibe to them. Since boogie-woogie is first and foremost about good groove, use this solo as opportunity to focus in on finding a really good pocket, especially on the "boogie-woogie" licks. You know what those are supposed to sound like. Make them feel good and then extrapolate that good feel to the rest of the song!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Norman Blake
Nashville Blues
Chris Eldridge

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Nashville Blues 2nd Solo


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Loop 0:31 Norman Blake's Approach to the 2nd Solo

Loop 1:46 Breakdown of Solo

Loop 20:38 Closing Thoughts

Loop 23:17 Practice Track





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Darren Nov 09, 2016

 Sorry I've been away for a bit, was getting some work on the guit box. Hope this is feeling better. I was really listening to how you were playing and it made me think of the rhythm of an old steam engine.Is this a better way to get this feel into my head while I'm not playing along with the vedio? Cheers

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 10, 2016

That's some mighty fine picking.  Made my day.

Darren Nov 10, 2016

Thanks Mike. I'm finding it to be a very difficult feel to grasp.


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Nov 15, 2016


John Dunn
John Dunn Sep 05, 2016

Thanks Chris, think I muffed the ending a little her. work to do! any notes appreciated as always!  

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Sep 13, 2016

Hey John,

Cool solo, huh? Thank you Norman!

You've got 98% of the notes. It gets a little off around 00:22 where you added an extra beat. Also there's a few extra notes at 00:33. You want the last note (the open G) of the first trill to land on the downbeat. Try counting and clapping along with your video to make sure you know where the downbeat is. The end is close. Just needs a bit more attention to learn the notes. Good job overall!

Another thing to work on: the flow of the picking is a little bit choppy especially starting at the repeating boogie woogie lick on the first string at 00:24. Try isolating just that part and making it groovy. Just play that lick for a few minutes - you could be watching TV while you do this, btw - and try to make it musical in and of itself. The operative word here is flow. Try to discover the flow in that one lick. Then once you've got that down try to find the flow in the rest of the solo.

Keep up the good work!


Missy Jun 05, 2016

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Jun 05, 2016

Missy, great to see you on here! You totally nailed it!!

Try playing it again, just a little quicker and see if you can stay relaxed. Remember, it's ok to be a little sloppy/loose when you're pushig your limits. If you get comfortable with the looseness you create a space to grow into and get better. 

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Mar 05, 2016

Now you've gone and done it ... as if this solo isn't mind blowing enough you throw a "Trill" (sp?) triplet or whatchamacallit in to really make life interesting. I see it written right there in the tab ... boogie woogie into a trill coming out of that into another cool pattern but my pick direction at that point is way haywire ha ha and then the C sharp vs the C note ... 

Great lesson though and a way cool song - thank you. 

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