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Ginseng Sullivan

Using Chords For Improvisation


This week I’m going to show you a solo on Ginseng Sullivan that utilizes some clear chord structures played as single notes (a.k.a. arpeggios). As you learn the solo I want you to focus on the underlying structure/shape/layout of the chord. Being able to see these shapes will be the foundation of learning how to navigate chord changes as you improvise.





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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Gingseng Sullivan Solo


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 0:24 Breakdown of Ginseng Sullivan Solo

Loop 15:20 Closing Thoughts and Outro




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James Macklin
James Macklin Oct 08, 2017

Hi Chris, another meta-question (sorry, I'm full of 'em right now).  Big picture, do you approach improvisation from a chord position based perspective like this, or more geographical region based type thing? Jack Pearson is real big on chord position based improv (and he's a beast), but when I was real into jazz I found a lot of success with Jimmy Bruno's whole 5 Regions concept (picking one area of the fretboard and learning every key within it). 
For the record, I've gravitated towards a mixture of both. But I kinda suck at improv lately so that's why I'm on this site!

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