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Ginseng Sullivan

Chords with Color

Hello All!

This week I’ll be showing you some different chord voicings and substitutions that you can use to change the color of the song. A lot of my personal rhythm guitar style is built around using chords with extensions that reach beyond just triads or sevenths. I’ve shown you some different chord substitutions in the past, but Ginseng Sullivan is a particularly nice canvas on which some of these more rich voicings really come to life.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Gingseng Sullivan Intro


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 1:04 Breakdown of Ginseng Sullivan Rhythm

Loop 19:50 Closing Thoughts and Outro





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Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Sep 15, 2017

17:53 approximate ... Words to live by. What a relief.

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