Mats Boll

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: Cold, Cold Feeling Performance by Jerry and Rick Dec 27, 2021

Great Job!

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: First Position Abberition Performance Dec 18, 2021

It's always exciting to get something new from Rick. Can't wait to hear him talking about his intentions around this new piece.

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: The Lockdown Shuffle Performance Dec 28, 2020

This year couldn't end better!

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: You Don't Love Me That Way Last Verse and Ending Jun 16, 2020

Hey Rick i have been working hard on this song during the last weeks and it´s bringing me further as a harp player.

Is there any chance for a future lesson of "TO CLOSE TOGETHER" ???? (but please on a LOW tuned  harmonica). I haven´t found any good lessons on low harmonicas out there and to me you are a living master on those harps.

I can still remember when i listend the first time to rick estrin and the nightcats on a blues harp compilation and it was "TO CLOSE TOGETHER" where i totaly lost my mind. To me it felt like the coolest piece of music i´ve ever heard. Not just the Harmonica also your vocals got me totally. I couldn´t stop listening for hours to this one song.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Jun 18, 2020

Hi Mats - Thanks! I'm really glad you like that stuf! The main reason I haven't done any lessons on a low tuned harp, is because most people don't have low harps. Even when I did a lesson on "Getting Out of Town" I used a normal pitched G harp rather than the low C I normally use. A lot of Sonnyboy 2 type stuff is covered in my lessons on the songs, Getting Out of Town, Nine Below Zero, and Sonnyboy's Groove.

Kosta Jun 19, 2020

Hey everybody! I support Mat with wish for Low harps lessons. (at list in G or LF)   Maybe not the whole thing , just to understand the conseption. Like in "Getting out of town" . It was great lesson !

And Rick, if you in future add James Cotton songs in lessons it would be great! ''Creeper''  is my favorite at now.
What is your favorite from James Cotton? And what you recommend to lisen and study from his songs?

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: You Don't Love Me That Way Intro Breakdown Apr 14, 2020

great song, great lesson and great style of teaching. I am looking forward for the next part.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Apr 14, 2020

Thanks Mats! There's a lot of good information in this series!

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: Nine Below Zero Performance Mar 20, 2019

Thx Larry, i will give this a go, too.
I´ve allready started using the metronome and trying to figure out the exact time frame  while learning the song. It offers me an additional perspective in the learning process (next to tone,riffs,feeling,...) And it is allready getting fun.
Thanks to all

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: Nine Below Zero Performance Mar 18, 2019

Thanks a lot Rick,
I´ve got two of those apps, but never used them. I will start today. First you convinced me to start tongue blocking with your lessons and now hopefully to use the metronome. It felt allways like the metronome makes out of "just blowing the harp" a kind of work.  But it seems like there  is no way around. Thank you :)

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: Nine Below Zero Performance Mar 12, 2019

Hello Rick,
i am learning a lot trough your lessons. I love your style of teaching and i am looking forward to get deeper into "the real stuff". I would be happy for some hints and tips to improove my playing.

cheers :)

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Mar 15, 2019

Hi Mats, I'm really glad you're enjoying the lessons! Good job working on memorizing the licks! If I were to make one suggestion, it would be to pay closer attention to the rhythm and timing. I think you should try playing with a metronome (I have a metronome app in my phone!) I think something like that would help you stay in time and help you become more conscious of trying to create your own groove. Keep up the good work and check in once in a while and let me know how you're doing.

Mats Boll
Mats Boll commented on: Crawlin' Kingsnake Performance Jan 17, 2019

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