charles o'brien

charles o'brien
Charles O'brien commented on: Jazzy Blues Comping and Chord Melody Lesson 1 Nov 19, 2021

Hello, Duke,

Thank for the brilliant lessons. For lesson requests, how about Chuck Berry. It would be great to hear your thoughts on his playing. Also, for an updated lesson, I vote for All of Me, a great swing guitar lesson but long unavailable.

charles o'brien
Charles O'brien commented on: The Song Is Ended B Section & Last A Section Chords Mar 07, 2014

Thank you, Paul Kolesnikow (in the video) and Duke (in the remark below), for the comments on the strumming pattern. I find the four-to-the-bar swing rhythm incredibly difficult to get right--devilishly so, since it seems like it ought to be easy. Your observations help us see that getting the right sound may have to do with the strumming pattern.

Thanks, too, to Peter Wolf for posting the highly relevant Bo Diddley video. It's fascinating to see how swing fed into styles of music that aren't necessarily thought of as swing-like.

Paul Mar 16, 2014

charles-  practice using a metronome on all beats and  2&4.  try using a flecking motion.  keep in mind good guitarmanship.  play along with basie records/cds.  pk

mike Sep 15, 2016

To all the guitar players out there,


This technique is the opposite of the strumming style 99% of us began with. It is not easy to break the strum pattersn we all learned with. But, this is the right way.

When i started to play with older more experienced real musicians, I was really thrown by the simplicity of it, or what appeared to be simple. It is really tricky. I found using my freting hand to do the dampening helped. Keep practicing!!!!!

what a great song and it works as a straight pnetatonic riff for all you blues guys out there.


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