Mike commented on: T-Bone Walker Slow Blues A Section Solo Apr 25, 2018



what a tune! his phrasing is just perfect,thank you. workinh hard.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 11, 2018

Thanks Mike, Post a video when you feel you have it please. Good Luck, Duke 

Mike commented on: The Song Is Ended B Section & Last A Section Chords Sep 15, 2016

To all the guitar players out there,


This technique is the opposite of the strumming style 99% of us began with. It is not easy to break the strum pattersn we all learned with. But, this is the right way.

When i started to play with older more experienced real musicians, I was really thrown by the simplicity of it, or what appeared to be simple. It is really tricky. I found using my freting hand to do the dampening helped. Keep practicing!!!!!

what a great song and it works as a straight pnetatonic riff for all you blues guys out there.


Mike commented on: Glide On Chords Dec 04, 2015

Duke , It would be great to give key signatures and chord symbols.

Mike commented on: Route 66 Intro & First Chorus Oct 30, 2015



Your admiration for Nat Cole is. much appreciated. Ready for The Song is Ended, another great  Billy May arrangement for Nat. Love your jazz standards on the swingin album.

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