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First Position Abberition

3rd Verse Breakdown

Hey Sonic Junction -

It’s Rick Estrin, and in this week’s lesson I’ll be breaking down verse three of this “First Position Abberition” (sic) The verse starts off with a lick that (I just now realized) is loosely based on the melody of “Why Don’t You Do Right?”, a blues classic by Lil Green from 1941. You can check it out on YouTube or Spotify - It’ll give you an idea of how one can adapt and incorporate ideas from all kinds of different sources. Then, on the IV chord we work with more note shaping, primarily on the third hole - attempting infuse meaning into the licks through the use of bends, timing, and expressive phrasing. When we get to the V, we’re using soft, almost inaudible, exhale chords to breathe life and lift into a cool, little bouncy riff, with more the same as we pass through the IV on the way back to the I.

Have fun with it! Stay safe, and I’ll see you next week!






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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A Harmonica in the Key of A.

Loop 0:53 Third Chorus Amplified

Loop 2:20 Verse 3 Acoustically

Loop 3:00 Breakdown of First 4 Bars

Loop 5:36 Breakdown of Middle 4 Bars

Loop 7:52 V Chord Breakdown

Loop 14:25 Review and Closing Thoughts




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