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Don't Ever Be Blue

Left Hand Rhythm

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Don't Ever Be Blue > Left Hand Rhythm

Hi there Sonicites!!!

This lesson features an original tune, "Don't Ever Be Blue", from my album, "My Gift To You". Today we are playing it in the key of F Maj. So in order for you to hopefully understand the functionality of the left hand, it's easy it you consider this to be a waltz type song or as would say in Louisiana, a Creole or Cajun Waltz. Certainly it's in 3/4, but in order for you make a connection between the genres, lLOL at the left hands function as a stride piano part.

This is not unusual. Especially in how we play in Louisiana.

Here is what to focus on...

Left hand


***If you've looked at past left hand lessons where I touch on stride; it's the exact same thing, bass...chord, bass...chord, bass...chord movement. The only difference here is that you're in 3/4. Here is doesn't matter if you consider it Classic Country, Country, Creole/Cajun Country Waltz, think 'stride' left handed movements - and you'll get it much easier.

Practice with a metronome!

If you got any questions just hit me up!!!!





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Davell Crawford
Don't Ever Be Blue

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Loop 0:32 Run-Through of Don't Ever Be Blue


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 3:05 Breakdown of Stride Style Left Hand

Loop 9:20 Left Hand Practice Loop  

Loop 11:34 Closing Thoughts

Loop 13:00 Outro





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Mary Jan 11, 2022

Hi Davell, I like  the way you play your music .

Davell Crawford
Davell Crawford Jan 11, 2022

Thank you! I hope you are practicing!!! 👍🏽

judson Jul 15, 2016

thanks Davell, prob my fav lesson and song of yours thusfar... this one helped tremendously... makes me wanna play the piano ago... been focussing on the guitar too much lately... have a great day

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