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I Will Always Love You

Arpeggios and Bass Runs

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I Will Always Love You > Arpeggios and Bass Runs

Greetings Fellow Guitarists! In this lesson we’ll circle back to one of my all-time favorite social music songs, the Dolly Parton classic “I Will Always Love You.” At this point, if you’re a beginning or intermediate guitar player you undoubtedly have a lot going on with chords and strumming patterns. We’re going to take this song and apply some small but very significant techniques to make this tune really come alive. We’re going to talk about arpeggios, relaxation, dynamics, and bass runs. Once you have the concepts down you can bring them naturally into everything you do. Life and music will expand in ways you couldn’t have imagined!! That’s the power of social music and that’s what we’re here for….Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing. It’s a pleasure to be on this path with you.

Dan Zanes




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of I Will Always Love You

Loop 1:28 Review and What You Will Learn Today

Loop 3:04 Strumming Hand Breakdown

Loop 10:50 Intro and Verse Practice Loop

Loop 11:28 Dynamics In A Song

Loop 13:55 Arpeggios

Loop 16:34 Closing Thoughts

Loop 19:48 Practice Loop of Whole Song


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Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner May 24, 2017

Hi Dan,

your lessons help me to re-learn the basics. 

I like the stuff the gets me beyond strumming along to the song (bass runs, arpeggios, etc)

At the moment I lack time practicing!

Therefore I find the practice loops of the whole song at the end of the lessons extremly useful. helps to play along and learn on the go. 




Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes May 24, 2017

hey there richard!

that's really good to hear and i think you're not alone. i feel like there's a lot here now for real beginners and i'm going to shift my focus to the intermediate stuff you're talking about. that's really where the music came alive for me.

i had a friend who would set a timer for 9 minutes a few times a day and stop everything and practive for that amount of time. a short time but it adds up to meaningful practice and i don't know about you but i can waste nine minutes doing really ridiculous stuff and practicing doesn't fall into that category!! in other words, if i keep the practice goals realistic and consistant i can really get a lot going on!!

i'm glad you like the loops...me too!!

yr pal,


Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner May 21, 2017

stumbled over this recently - quiet worth sharing. 
the key is different, but its in the spirit of the lesson
bye richard

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes May 21, 2017

hey there richard....thank you for this! what a nice version...

i can see why he was into doing this song, he sounds pretty great singing it! (i could have gone for more guitar subtlties but that's just me...)

how are you doing with this one?

thanks again man!


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