peter ryan

peter ryan
Peter Ryan commented on: Touch Me Lord Jesus Left Hand May 02, 2016

HI there Davell just love your styles of music and hope one day to get good at it, from you the man ,  as a kinda beginner only playing piano about a year now ,and cant read music , but ive played guitar for years , and can read tabs and chords this would be a great help'' to the beginner like me, as i got to use my ear a lot when your going fast to pick up the between notes , to get those right sounds , and chords help to make the right changes at the right time , and on certian songs, like going to sevenths or majors and minor changes with the lyrics and get them just right , not close to .the sound , maybe you could add a tab page with words and chords this would be great for me the beginner, now you can stop laughin, but im persistant and i will catch on with more practice , honored to be able to get lessons from you yours truly Pete Ryan

Davell Crawford
Davell Crawford May 10, 2016

Hi Peter! I have a suggestion for you! After having had several guitar friends and students over time that wanted to work on their piano chops, here's what I suggest...

Listen to the tune as mouth as you can And try and figure out just what the piano is doing. Learn the A, B sections, etc., groove....

but all while you're listening, (ONLY WHEN NEEDED)  listen and disect the song from on the instrument you understand the most. once youve dissected the song (piano parts) go to the piano. You will then have a better understanding of just what needs to happen groove wise. The hardest part will then be finger placement and usage at the piano...

the answer to that problem is to then look at the videos more and try to train your fingers to do now not only what youve heard...but what you understand from learning firstly on your main instrument, the guitar.

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