Nader M

Nader M
Nader M commented on: Shenandoah Chords and Rhythm Aug 01, 2017

Great stuff, Dan. 

I love your take on this one.

Looking forward to learning it! 

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Aug 02, 2017

thank you nader!

i'm glad to know that you're connecting with some of this stuff...and that you're taking the time to reach out. that means a lot!

let me know if there's anything here that doesn't make sense....

yr pal,


Nader M
Nader M commented on: Crawdad Chords and Bass Runs Jul 30, 2017


I can't tell you how much I appreciate this! 

You are the man! 

I'm going to practice this and maybe work up the courage to post it! 

Thanks again for taking the time to record this! 

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jul 31, 2017

hey there nader!

i'm glad to hear that there might be something in this for you...

it's really good for me to have to sit and actually think about the details of the songs.

i'd love to see how you're doing so don't be any time!!

yr pal,


Nader M
Nader M commented on: Crawdad Chords and Bass Runs Jul 12, 2017

Hi Dan,

Thanks for this wonderful lesson. I really appreciate the calm, postive, supporting energy that you put out on all of your videos. You're a great teacher man!

Brief intro: I'm an old time banjo player and I've been listing to and playing Doc Watson's version of this song on banjo for over 20 years. I've always stuggled at becoming proficient at guitar (I guess it's that 6th string that really throws me off.) Anyway, your arrangement of this classic has been tremendously helpful to me.

Question: would it be possible to make a follow up video on a couple of "tricks" you do to fill in where you play the F chord? Or maybe some licks you might throw in on this song?

Thanks in advance!


Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jul 26, 2017

hi nader!

thank you for your comments...they're appreciated. i'm glad you're digging this version.

yes, i'd be happy to make a video. i'll put one here later today and let's see if it makes sense and helps in some way.

are you playing the F chord with the thumb on the low E string?

thanks man!!

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Jul 27, 2017

hi nader...let me know if this gives you something to chew on!

yr pal,


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