Marty Kerner

Marty Kerner
Marty Kerner commented on: You Don't Know My Mind Chords and Melody Jan 05, 2020

Hi, Chris.  Many thanks for the terrific lessons.

When you play the G chord, I see you fret the 6th, 2nd, and 1st string, damping (I assume) the 5th string with your 2nd finger.  Is that your default whenever you play a G chord? Do you ever fret 6th, 5th and 1st strings, leaving the others open.  That's how I learned the G chord (many decades ago).


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Apr 12, 2020

Hi Marty! I usually do play a G chord with the 5th string dampened by the underside of my 2nd finger. To me, the chord is a little less "muddy" sounding that way. Depending on the music I will either leave the 2nd string open or fret it at the 3rd fret. And of course, there are times when the music might call for a thicker sound on the bottom of the chord, so I might play the B note on the 5th string in those cases. It all really depends on the context of the music. But, yes, my most-used all-purpose bluegrass G chord has a muted 5th string and fretted 2nd string, just like Clarence White taught us!

Marty Kerner
Marty Kerner commented on: Tennessee Waltz Finding and Using Chords Up the Neck, Pt. 2 Mar 12, 2017


On my computer, when I move my curser across the "lesson screen" , text appears across the top left that says   "Video speed: Normal  50% 75% " with small circles to the left of each option.  Clicking on the circles slows down the video to the desired speed.  Hope this helps.

Boyd R
Boyd R Mar 12, 2017

it'a not showing 

Marty Kerner
Marty Kerner commented on: Tennessee Waltz Finding and Using Chords Up the Neck, Pt. 2 Mar 10, 2017

I was at Rockwood Thursday night, and the set was fantastic.  I've never seen a larger crowd there.  Thanks, Chris.

Allen StJohn
Allen StJohn Mar 11, 2017

Lageridge was pretty good on Thursday. Almost as good as my sandwich from Katz's. 
But seriously, what impressd me was how atttentive--and how flat out quiet--the SRO crowd was. 
I can't recall too many better hours of guitar music, so don't miss them if they're coming to a town anywhere near you. 
(Mr. E: What guitar were you playing? It looked like it had more playwear than I remember on the '39.)

Marty Kerner
Marty Kerner commented on: Fundamentals Holding the Pick and Releasing Tension Feb 28, 2017

Chris -- I've just started going through your lessons. Any suggestions/advice about an order to work through them?

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Mar 06, 2017

Hi Marty, 

My recommendation, no matter where you are in terms of proficiency,  is to go through all of the "fundamentals" lessons (which would include Honey, You Don't Know My Mind and Soldier's Joy). At that point I would start going down the list on the rights side of my artist page: 

Those lessons are presented roughly in the chronological order in which they were recorded so the information becomse cumulative. There are things in the later lessons that build on things we talked about earlier. 

Good luck!


Marty Kerner
Marty Kerner commented on: Church Street Blues Tony Rice's Version (a Study in the Right Hand) Feb 24, 2017

Thanks, Chris, for a terrific lesson.  I've been trying to play this for years, with little progress until now.  (As you said, Tony plays the song on his Homespun Tape, but doesn't really teach it.)  

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