Dariusz commented on: Cotton Blend 7th Chorus Breakdown Feb 25, 2016

Hi Rick !

I am impressed with the feeling you share on these videos. I am glad I have subscribed , plenty tof great stuff to learn :) 

May I ask you for an advice Rick ?

Would you advice any  amp and microphone I should get  please.  I am playing for myself and will hopefully play for best friends in the garden. 

Many thanks and Best Regards. 


Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Mar 10, 2016

Hi Dariusz

I'm real glad you're enjoying what I'm trying to do here on Sonic Junction. Since it sounds like you'll be playing in small settings, you won't need to be super loud. That's a good thing. First, get a mic. Dennis Gruenling, who teaches right here on Sonic Junction is one the most knowledgeable and very best harp mic technicians and suppliers in the world. Another guy who does outstanding mic work is Greg Heumann. You can find him on Facebook. Once you have a mic, you can begin looking for an amp. I recommend finding a small "tube" or "valve" amp. Look for one with low wattage and one 8 or 10 inch speaker. When you try some different small amps with your mic, you'll be able to see which amp sounds the most like what you're looking for. Definitely start with the mic. I hope this helps - Have fun with it!

Dariusz commented on: Off the Wall Third Chorus Breakdown May 05, 2015


I love it.  

Dariusz commented on: Beautiful Dreamer Solo Instrumental Dec 07, 2014

Great to see You back!!! 


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