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Crawlin' Kingsnake

Outro Breakdown

Hey Sonic Junction -

Rick Estrin here, back with the final installment of this "Crawlin Kingsnake" series. In this lesson I talk a little more about, and demonstrate the effective use of tension and release - repetition and surprise. There's also some very pronounced wah wah handwork, some gradual bending, and at the very end, a shift in groove and feel that effectively announces the conclusion of the song. Most of all, I hope I was able to make this foundational "Kingsnake" series enjoyable for you. As I've already mentioned, this series contains several important building blocks that, if internalized, will continue to serve you for as long as you're playing blues harmonica.

Until next time,

Rick Estrin






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

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G Harp in the Key of D.

Loop 1:40 Run-Through of Outro

Loop 2:36 Breakdown of Outro

Loop 10:07 Breakdown of Ending

Loop 18:25 Practice Loop

Loop 19:20 Closing Thoughts





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alex Oct 29, 2018

Finally have made it this far. 

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Oct 31, 2018

Great! Are you enjoying it?

alex Nov 04, 2018

Yeah, I have to say, this lesson has been fantastic. 

Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner Oct 01, 2018

Thanks for this series Rick.  It's really given me some new tools for keeping the groove, especially playing solo.  I'll be working on many parts of this going forward. And enjoying every minute.



Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Oct 01, 2018

Thank YOU, Bill. I'm real glad you enjoyed it!

Robert Fox
Robert Fox Sep 30, 2018

Thanks, Rick! Great to get away from "licks" and start

building a foundation. Hope there'll be more like this.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Sep 30, 2018

Thank YOU Robert!

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