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Blue Strollin'

Third Chorus Breakdown

This third verse could serve as one small example of how much can be done on the harp while confining your playing to just the bottom three holes. The 3 draw is possibly the most potentially expressive hole on the diatonic harmonica. This lesson will help develop your command of that third hole draw. There'll be a whole world of bends, shapes, textures and sounds available to you once you get a good handle on the 3 draw - That's a promise!

Rick Estrin




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
key of E
A Harp
Rick Estrin
Blue Strollin
Rusty Zinn

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A Harp in the Key of E.

Loop 0:00 Rick and Rusty Playing the 3rd and 4th Chorus of Blue Strollin'

Loop 1:45 Run-Through of Third Verse Acoustically

Loop 2:38 Breakdown of First Riff on the I Chord

Loop 6:19 Breakdown of IV Chord and Back to I Riff

Loop 8:22 Breakdown of V Chord

Loop 10:32 Breakdown of Turnaround 

Loop 11:52 Closing Thoughts




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Boyd R
Boyd R May 26, 2016

Good workout on the bends

Alan May 23, 2016

Hi Rick,

Just writing to agree with Boyd R. Keep the changelling material coming !! When I first heard this song this third chorus low end playing reminded me of the low end work you did on Marion's Mood.

Thanks for your time and detailed explanations.


Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin May 24, 2016

Thanks Alan - I naturally seem to come up with simple-on-the-surface stuff that contains lots of small, character creating details. I'm glad you're diggin' it!


Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner May 22, 2016

I love this whole song but I think this is my favorite verse. Sounds like Louie Armstrong, worrying those three hole bends.  It really helps when you slow it down to hear just how worried they are.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin May 24, 2016

Hi Bill - Thanks for the Louie Armstrong reference. He definitely represents the stylistic roots of what I was trying to go for in that verse. There's a whole world of that kind of stuff in the first three holes.

Boyd R
Boyd R May 22, 2016

Thanks Rick. I love a challenge you learn more.


Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin May 24, 2016

Good for you, Boyd - That's the right attitude!

Paul W
Paul W May 21, 2016

Funny how something so simple (Third chorus) is not at all intuitive. however it is coming along slowly...It's enhancing my appreciation/respect for those first 3 holes.  Sweet tone when it comes out right.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin May 24, 2016

For sure! Like I told Bill, if you put in the time there, there's a whole world of sounds, ideas and riffs available in just those first three holes. 

Boyd R
Boyd R May 21, 2016

I'm on my first chorus and having fun with it. It's just going to take a little time. I like to learn hard songs. If it's not hard why work on it. So thanks and continue hard songs coming. It's how muscle memory works.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin May 21, 2016

Hey Boyd - I'm glad you're diggin' it. Don't worry, I get so obsessed with detail, I'll probably never be able to come up with one that's too simple anyway 

Robert May 20, 2016

The only one who could understand him was his woman.....can you dig it?

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin May 20, 2016

He was lucky in that respect. I never had that!

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