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Trill Seeker

Performance and Introduction to Series

Hi Everyone -

Glad to be back again here on Sonic Junction with my next study song - “Trill Seeker”. This is in the Chicago style, with a nice raunchy mid-tempo guitar boogie behind me in the key of E, played on an A harmonica - so it is in 2nd position. As the title suggests, there will be plenty of trills in the song, and it will give you the chance to work on and fine-tune your trill technique on the harp. We will be using the more common draw trills (3-4 draw and 4-5 draw) as well as other trills, including blow trills, in a variety of phrases. Trills can be cliché and overused when there are just thrown in to fill up space, but they can also be musical and add texture to a phrase or lick when done tastefully.

Dig in, I hope you enjoy this!

- Dennis




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
key of E
A Harp
Dennis Gruenling
Dave Gross
Trill Seeker

Backing Track

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A Harp in the Key of E. 

Loop 0:00 Introduction to the Series

Loop 1:12 Whole Song

Loop 1:12 First Verse

Loop 1:37 2nd Verse

Loop 1:55 3rd Verse

Loop 2:12 4th Verse

Loop 2:29 5th Verse

Loop 2:45 6th Verse 

Loop 3:02 7th Verse

Loop 3:19 8th Verse

Loop 3:36 9th Verse 





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klaus meyer
klaus meyer Jan 26, 2022

andre Loiselle
andre Loiselle Feb 11, 2021

Hi Klaus !! Good job Man ... to me it s always good to see guys put on line what they ve been practicing over time !!


klaus meyer
klaus meyer Aug 31, 2018

Thank you, will work on it - step by step.

Wish you a very good time in Norway !!

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Aug 31, 2018

As far as the legato thing goes, practice NOT stopping your breath from one note to the next...just going from one note to the next note while stil breathing into the next note. It makes the phrases much smoother. I don't do it all the time, but you want to be able to do it so everything is not chooppy and stacatto. Keep up the good work!

ivan Apr 26, 2018

I would like to start studying Boxed up, I love the third position and I would like to play it amplified! It's really fantastic piece!

ivan Apr 25, 2018

Thank you so much Dennis for this great compliment, I'm really glad you liked it! I can not wait to get to work on a new study piece!

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Apr 25, 2018

yes, very nice work!! I want to hear more....which one is next?

ivan Apr 24, 2018

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Apr 24, 2018

VERY nice job!! Really digging it, and smooth trills too...great work! Hope to see & hear more of you up in here...


klaus meyer
klaus meyer Nov 29, 2017

Thank you !

klaus meyer
klaus meyer Nov 27, 2017

Hi Dennis,beautiful stuff here ! But still miss the backing track for Trill Seeker..

Best regards 


Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 28, 2017

Hi Klaus - thanks for letting us know - track is now up.


Something isn't quite clear and yes I'm not a rocket scientist. You r using an a harp playing in the key of e and the guitar player is using 12 bar blues 5 intervals above that in the key of b. His tonic seems to be the b key.  Correct me if I'm wrong. Sometimes music theory doesn't apply to the blues  with the flat Ted fifth.

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Mar 29, 2016

Yes, I am using an A harp (2nd position in the key of E)...and guitar is playing the key of E. not B.  The tonic is E for both of us...or else we would be playing in different keys, which you don't want to do.

Johan Mulder
Johan Mulder Mar 24, 2016

Great song to spend part of my life on. Will certainly do.Thanks Dennis. Any plans to come to Holland? 


Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Mar 25, 2016

Thanks Johan! I will be in Europe with Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones later this year, not sure exactly where we are going yet, you never know.


Oh yeah I love that rhythm makes u want a grab a few beers and shake that booty.  The lady's will be all over me with this one. Now where is my a harp.

Boyd R
Boyd R Feb 27, 2016

thanks. Love this playing with trill's.



Robert Fox
Robert Fox Feb 27, 2016

Who says the trill is gone?

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Feb 27, 2016

Right on! 

Bill Blatner
Bill Blatner Feb 26, 2016

Love the raunchy boogie!  This is going to be fun (and probably kick my butt.)  Planning to cruise up 91 tomorrow night and catch you at the Stone.  

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Feb 26, 2016

Thanks! Hope to see you..and have fun with the tune!

tim james
tim james Feb 26, 2016

yeah Dennis i dig it  mate !!!   what i've noticed  with you and other players  is you seem to have your face SIDE ON to the harp !?  is that because of   tounge blocking out of  side of mouth? i'm not too sure.  cheers  

Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling Feb 26, 2016

yes that is why! Since your tongue is straight on the harp, your embouchure is actually off to the side. Thanks!

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