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Scaled Down

Performance and Intro to Series

We're re-issuing one of Dennis's most popular lessons with re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Dennis: 

Greetings Sonic Junction Harpsters!  I’m glad to be back here to bring you my new study piece entitled “Scaled Down”. This is in the key of D, using a G harmonica in 2nd position, and with a straight Rock & Roll groove. Also, I have “scaled down” the note choices so we will only be using notes that are in the blues scale for this entire song. So not only will this be a new song in a new groove to practice, but it will help you get more familiar with the blues scale, and start you using it more in the context of a song.

Check it out and have some fun!

- Dennis Gruenling



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Backing Track

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G Harp in the Key of D.

Loop 0:39 Introduction to Series

Loop 2:23 Whole Song

Loop 2:23 1st Verse

Loop 2:43 2nd Verse

Loop 3:01 3rd Verse

Loop 3:19 4th Verse

Loop 3:37 5th Verse

Loop 3:54 6th Verse

Loop 4:12 7th Verse

Loop 4:30 8th Verse

Loop 4:48 9th Verse

Loop 5:05 10th Verse

Loop 5:23 11th Verse





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Tim Jan 06, 2024

Thanks Denis.

Wow. Just learnt mor in an hour than I have in the last year.




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