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Leopard Boogie

4th Chorus Breakdown

Hey there Harp Friends -

Dennis Gruenling here with the next chorus of “Leopard Boogie”. Grab your C harps for some 2nd position jamming as we really play a few intense notes, some swinging phrases, and some trills thrown in for good measure. They way you “dirty” up your 3 draw half-step bend is really important to the sound of this chorus, so be sure to work on that as well.







Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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C Harmonica in the Key of G.

Loop 0:58 4th Chorus Performance

Loop 1:45 4th Chorus Acoustically

Loop 2:12 Breakdown of First 4 Bars

Loop 3:36 Practice Loop of First 4 Bars

Loop 3:48 Middle 4 Bars

Loop 5:55 Turnaround Breakdown

Loop 8:43 Practice Loop of Turnaround

Loop 8:58 Slow Practice Loop of Fourth Chorus

Loop 9:25 Practicing Trills and Closing Thoughts




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