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Boxed Up

5th Chorus Breakdown

We're re-issuing one of Dennis's most popular lessons with re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Dennis:

Hey Everybody! In this week's section of my "Boxed Up" third position instrumental, we will build up the intensity a little bit more. A lot of trills are involved, and also tongue-trills later in this chorus. Remember any new techniques should be worked on as separate exercises unto themselves before trying to make it fit in context….and you can also use a normal trill in place of a tongue-trill if you would like, or if you are more comfortable with that. This chorus includes one of my favorite descending licks towards the end of it, a nice pattern from holes 6 & 7 working down to the bottom of the harp. Dig in!!

- Dennis



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A Harp in the Key of B.

Loop 1:40 Performance of Boxed Up, Fifth Chorus

Loop 2:12 Breakdown of First 4 Bars (I Chord)

Loop 4:12 Practice Loop of First 4 Bars

Loop 4:26 Breakdown of Bars 5 - 8 (IV Chord and Back to I)

Loop 6:34 Practice Loop of Bars 5-8 

Loop 7:20 Breakdown of Last 4 Bars

Loop 9:50 Practice Loop of Last 4 Bars

Loop 10:27 Practice Loop of Fifth Chorus (Bars 1- 12)




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Boyd R
Boyd R Jun 27, 2022

i'm working on this great one again. getting hungury for some new lesson's

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