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Boogie on the I

Breakdown of 4th Verse


Dennis Gruenling here and this week as we dive deeper into my I-chord Boogie study song, I want to remind you all to take a breath! Many more of the same distorted bent notes here, and intensity, but this is a reminder as we build the intensity that we want it to SOUND intense, but we don't want to PLAY or BREATHE intensely. It's all about control and then your tone, phrasing and notes will sound even better on the distorted notes, trills, and even the rhythmic comping for this (and every) section. If you feel yourself getting tense, take a step back, take a breath, and just FEEL the groove and let it flow! 




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues

Backing Track

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D Harp in the Key of A.

Loop 0:22 4th Verse Run-Through

Loop 0:59 Breakdown of First Section

Loop 5:33 Practice Loop of 1st Section

Loop 5:51 Breakdown of 2nd Section

Loop 7:38 Practice Loop of 1st and 2nd Section

Loop 7:54 Breakdown of 3rd Section

Loop 9:04 Practice Loop of 3rd Section

Loop 10:08 Practice Loop of 3rd Verse

Loop 10:22 Breakdown of Chord Vamping

Loop 11:28 Practice Loop of Last Two Sections

Loop 11:28 Practice Loop of Last Two Sections

Loop 12:15 Practice Loop of 4th Verse





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