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You Can Make It If You Try

Right Hand Rhythm and Bridge

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You Can Make It If You Try > Right Hand Rhythm and Bridge

This week is the second lesson of the blues tune, "You Can Make It If You Try", (with a New Orleans groove) written by Gene Allison in 1957. In this lesson our main focus is the right hand. Study every day for 20 to 45 minutes each day this week. If you are just starting piano, finger positioning is important before you get here, but if you have some familiarity with the piano work on your timing with your metronome.

Here, we briefly explore the term, "riff" or "riffing". I explain how to approach the right hand action as horn section would.

Practice, practice, practice....we're going deeper! Trust me!!! 😊

Be in touch! Let me know just what's happening and don't be afraid to post your video up and/or go back to a past lesson for reference!

Good jammin' my peoples!!!!!




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Davell Crawford
You Can Make It If You Try
Gene Allison

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Loop 1:50 Run-Through of You Can Make It If You Try

Loop 3:36 Breakdown of Right Hand Accompaniment

Loop 8:25 Practice Loop


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 9:36 Turnaround Breakdown

Loop 11:00 Bridge Breakdown

Loop 11:46 Right Hand Practice Loop with Bridge

Loop 14:02 Closing Thoughts






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