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Love You So Badly

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Love You So Badly > Right Hand

Hi there Sonicites!!!

This is the 2nd lesson featuring my grandfathers song, "Love You So Badly", in the key of F Maj. It's a sort of Doo-Wop feel and this lessons' focus is the right hand.

As last week don't have much to say here, but to lesson and enjoy this lesson! I think that this is a pretty easy lesson for those of you just starting and also a lovely song for you to learn. I really think you'll enjoy learning to play this tune!

Don't forget to sing along and always practice with a metronome. You'll learn about 7th and 9th here also!

If you got any questions I'm here to help, just just hit me up!!!!






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Davell Crawford
Love You So Badly
Sugar Boy Crawford

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Loop 0:30 Run-Through of Love You So Badly

Loop 3:19 Breakdown Right Hand


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 9:46 How to Practice

Loop 11:07 Practice Loop

Loop 12:54 Closing Thoughts

Loop 13:40 Outro






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