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It's Raining

Right and Left Hand

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It's Raining > Right and Left Hand

Hi there Sonicites!!!

This lesson features the Irma Thomas song, "It's Raining", written by Allen Toussaint in 1962. Today we are playing it in the key of F Maj. It's a New Orleans Doo-Wop feel and this lessons' is a lesson that combines both the right hand and the left hand.

I believe that this is a pretty easy lesson for those of you just starting and it's a great tune to learn to play and sing. Im sure you'll enjoy it!

Practice with a metronome!

If you got any questions I'm here to help, just hit me up!!!!






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
new orleans
Davell Crawford
It's Raining
Allen Toussaint
Irma Thomas

Print Print Chords & Tab

Loop 0:48 Run-Through of It's Raining


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 3:05 New Orleans Triplet Style

Loop 4:30 Breakdown of Chords

Loop 8:12 Right Hand Practice Loop 

Loop 10:42 Left Hand Practice Loop  

Loop 12:32 Closing Thoughts

Loop 13:18 Outro





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