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This week we will be working on the song Baby What You Want Me To Do by Jimmy Reed. Last week we covered the left hand. In this version of the song my left plays to the beat and rhythm of a shuffle. This week we will learn a few right hand accompaniment patterns to go with the left hand. We will also learn the "lick" turnaround and a simplified shuffle turnaround that may be used to substitute the "lick" or present the option of variation as you wish throughout the song.

The goal for this week is to practice and build your right hand. Practice routinely as it is important to build strength and muscle memory. We will be combining the left and right hands next week. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to me and I would be happy to help.

Thank you very much and I'll see you next week.

Bonne musique...et ils sont partis!!!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jimmy Reed
Baby What You Want Me To Do
Davell Crawford
Blues Shuffle

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Loop 0:40 Run-Through of Baby What You Want Me To Do

Loop 1:42 Loop of Solo

Loop 3:12 Breakdown of Right Hand Accompaniment


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 6:56 Practice Loop of Right Hand Accompaniment

Loop 8:12 Chord Variations

Loop 8:51 Closing Thoughts and Outro






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Carsten Breum
Carsten Breum Jun 28, 2017

Hi Davell

That sounds just great! Thank you very much.




Carsten Breum
Carsten Breum Jun 28, 2017

Hi Davell

I wrote to you some weeks ago, that I thought I had figured out what you play very fast in the turnaround after the riff. I know it is a standard blues thing, but I just cant get it right. Even if I slow down to 50. Is there somewhere else where you play this slow or where you explain it - or where I can find it in sheets? Please - I been working on it for hours!

/Carsten (apologise my english)



Davell Crawford
Davell Crawford Jun 28, 2017

Hi Carsten! I am sorry you've been having some difficulties. How about this. Give me a day or so (I'm on the road) and I will make amother small demonstration video for you and post it here. Good...???

Matthew Jan 07, 2016

Thanks again for the lesson. I've been learning the comping and also trying to learn the solo by ear. i'm still having trouble with the tremelo around 2:03 in the lesson video. Any advice?



Davell Crawford
Davell Crawford Jan 15, 2016

Hi Matthew!

Great shot at the song! At 2:03 in the lesson you were asking about a certain tremelo.

If you're speaking about the right hand movements...well, it's fairly easy! Hold your index finger down on Do (the one), and place your thumb and pincky fingers on So (the fifth). Octave the fifths abd alternatate the playing of both of them while pressing the Do (the one). 

And there you have it. 

Post here so that I can see!

Great playing and good luck!


Eric C Rodenberg
Eric C Rodenberg Jan 07, 2016


Great work - I'm pleased you're with SJ. Welcome!!

I know next to nothing about piano. I heard your music last week and instantly recognized this is what I've wanted to play all my life. Hence, I went out and bought a keyboard and accessories (Yamaha DGX-650). So, I'm all in with you on this one.

I'm still working last week's left hand. It's coming along well. Using a lot of SJ loops, etc. It is slow going, but I'm okay with that. I am persistent. A few questions. Obviously, you're light years beyond my playing. I play a lot of blues harp, and understand the rudiments of blues. All these chords and "playing out the licks" are beyond me now. Is there anyway I can supplement what I am learning here? Using my chord chart and constantly looping, I hope to have the left hand down fairly shortly (though I recognize it's going to take hours), then moving onto the right hand. Do I need to have this dead solid perfect before moving onto the next lesson? I will be weeks behind. I know there's few shortcuts. i am merely mimicing your hand movements. Do I need to learn to read music? Do I need to learn tonic, subtonic, fifths, sevenths etc? Any suggestions. I'm 67 years old and don't have a lot of time for B.S. In short, I want to play and have fun. I know work is involved. What can you recommend for me to achieve those goals?

Thanks, Davell - Eric

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