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Baby Please Be True

New Orleans Rhythm

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Baby Please Be True > New Orleans Rhythm

In this lesson we will focus on variations of the original blues tune, "Baby Please Be True", played in the key of B-flat. Last week we studied the right-hand accompaniment pattern with some variations thrown in, now we will look at both left and right hands with a small introduction of New Orleans style piano.

Here in this lesson, you'll also find a nice intro to some New Orleans piano rhythms with simple fingering technique. This style has been used in some of the greatest songs ever written. The left-hand gives the nod to pianist such as Eddie Bo, Huey Smith, my grandfather, James 'Sugar Boy' Crawford and a bit of Fats Domino, while the right-hand knowledges the Mambo feel in the style of Professor Longhair.

Practice and 'holla' at me if you have any questions!!!





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Davell Crawford
Baby Please Be True
New Orleans Piano

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Loop 0:52 Run-Through of Baby Please Be True

Loop 1:40 Loop of Solo

Loop 3:07 Breakdown of New Orleans Style

Loop 8:46 Practice Loop


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 10:08 Another Example with Solo






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Eric C Rodenberg
Eric C Rodenberg Feb 28, 2016


This is great stuff. Keep it coming. Being a raw beginner, I'm still working over "Red Dress" - got the left hand working strong - got the right hand coming up to speed. Coordinating them is the challenge now. Any tips? Starting slow, then turning up metronome. BTW, what is standard pace for the song?

i can't wait to get into this song - this here fires me up - but I'm concentrating on getting Red Dress to a comfortable pace, ingraining that, then catching up. Is that good strategy? Will be sending video when I become more competent.

Thanks, Davell, for these lessons ... This is top-line musicianship, and I appreciate It.



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