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Hello Guitar Lovers and Social Music Makers! Here we are with the Scottish song Wild Mountain Thyme and let’s just say that as far as communal music making is concerned the world has just opened up to us. I refer to all these songs as classics and of course they are but for me this one is in a category of it’s own. Just listen to the first line of the chorus “And we’ll all go together…” That says everything! In this lesson we’ll be playing in the key of D and it’s finally time to get into some bar chords. If you’ve never played them before, don’t worry. They may take a few minutes to get used to but they're completely within the grasp of anyone reading this right now! And the payoff is tremendous. This song will lift any late night sing along into the stratosphere. Please let me know how you’re doing on this one…it’s a pleasure to share this favorite of mine with you here at The Sonic Junction!

Dan Zanes



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Wild Mountain Thyme

Loop 1:29 What You Will Learn Today

Loop 3:20 Breakdown of Chords and Bar Chords

Loop 10:34 Breakdown of Rhythm and Song Form

Loop 15:35 Closing Thoughts

Loop 16:56 Practice Loop of Whole Song


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Ben Dec 01, 2017

i love this ! 

Dan Zanes
Dan Zanes Dec 02, 2017

thank you Ben!

It's great to hear from you and please let me know if you have any trouble with any of this.

and if you've got something going videos are always cool...

yr pal,


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