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The Welcome Table

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Greetings Friends in the 6-String Realm! Today's lesson looks at one of my all-time favorites, the African-American gospel song called The Welcome Table. We'll be playing in the key of G for this one. Although it's a I, IV, V at its core there're 2 additional chords, the Em and the B7. We'll look at a bass run which can open and close each verse and a few other riffs that'll give the tune some energy and drive. I recorded this song with The Blind Boys of Alabama and came away from the experience with a much deeper appreciation for how much room there is here for a variety of voices - they helped me find a spot for myself in the group! This has been sung in one way or another by both White folks and Black folks for a very long time and now I pass it on to you...Let me know what you think!!!

Dan Zanes



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of The Welcome Table

Loop 1:50 What You Will Learn Today

Loop 3:42 Breakdown of Chords, Rhythm and Riffs

Loop 13:47 Variations and Riffs

Loop 15:42 Singing and Closing Thoughts

Loop 17:57 Practice Loop of Whole Song


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Jay Aug 08, 2017

hey Dan, great tune. the attached tab shows up as will the circle be unbroken, not welcome table. hope you can get someone to fix that.

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Aug 08, 2017

Hi Jay -- thanks for letting us know.  All fixed.

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