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So Glad I'm Here - Uke

Chords, Rhythm and Riffs

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So Glad I'm Here - Uke > Chords, Rhythm and Riffs

Greetings My Ukulele Lovers and Fighters!

Here we are once again to explore new possibilities in Social Music. So Glad I’m Here is a song I learned from a recording by Bessie Jones, she was a phenomenal singer on her own but also a member of The Georgia Sea Island Singers. This song, as far as I can tell, is out of the African-American gospel tradition and has been presented along the way as So Glad I’m here in Jesus Name. In this lesson we’ll look at some swinging possibilities starting with a C7 chord and making the 4 and 5 chords, F and G, 7th chords too. There’s something moving and motivating about one 7th chord after another and I’m sure you’ll hear it right away. We’ll also find the chord based embellishments that can spice up not only this song but just about any blues based tune you set out to learn. It’s the holiday season and the message behind this classic will work in every situation you find yourself in so I suggest digging in and making it your own...let me know how it goes!!

Dan Zanes




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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of So Glad I'm Here


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Loop 1:44 What You Will Learn Today

Loop 4:00 Breakdown of Chords and Rhythm

Loop 12:07 Instrumental Riffs

Loop 17:30 Outro





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