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Rock Island Line - Uke

Spicing Up The Rhythm

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Rock Island Line - Uke > Spicing Up The Rhythm

Greetings My Ukulele Friends, Neighbors, and Co-conspirators!! We're back at it with The Rock Island Line and it's time to not only take the uke playing to a new place but to think about how we can sing this social music masterpiece with a room full of people. I recently recorded this song with the English folk singer Billy Bragg and he turned me on to the original quartet style of breaking up the lines and I've never looked back!! So that has to be part of the lesson here, I can't keep that kind of good information to myself. The key of E is amazing for guitar players and the uke crowd has to work a bit harder to make it come alive but that's just what we're going to do here and there couldn't be a better song to do it with so tune up and let's get the train on the tracks! And please drop me a Line and let me know how you're feeling about all this....

Dan Zanes





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Rock Island Line

Loop 0:27 What You Will Learn Today and History of Rock Island Line

Loop 1:17 Spicing Up The Chords

Loop 11:42 Practice Loop With Spiced Up Chords


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 13:16 Singing

Loop 15:20 Review and Closing Thoughts

Loop 17:38 Outro





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