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Pay Me My Money Down - Uke

Strumming Basics

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Pay Me My Money Down - Uke > Strumming Basics

Greetings Friends! I hope you’re feeling comfortable with your G and C chords in the work song "Pay Me My Money Down." They certainly don’t have to be perfect right now but I hope that as the days pass you’re feeling a sense of progress. In this lesson we’re going to take a look at the strumming hand and see what we can do with our strumming hand to give the song a groove. So much of what we’re learning now will become second nature very soon but for the moment it requires a bit of relaxed concentration. We’ll talk a bit about what that means too. These early stages of learning are the most challenging, the fun increases exponentially so I’ll be giving pep talks in this lesson as well. This is social music making and the joy comes from the process and it's never ending. What changes though is the sense of musical possibilities - that grows every day...if we stay in the game!

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Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

Backing Track

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Pay Me My Money Down

Loop 0:20 The Importance of Relaxation

Loop 0:20 Strumming Breakdown

Loop 4:16 Basic Strumming Pattern (Down - Down -)

Loop 4:42 Strumming Pattern #2 (Down - Down Up)

Loop 5:43 Strumming Pattern #3 (Down Up Down Up)

Loop 6:20 Practice Loop (Down - Down Up Down Up Down Up)


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 7:28 Singing and Finding Your Voice

Loop 10:45 Pay Me My Money Down A Cappella

Loop 11:04 Making the Song Your Own

Loop 11:46 What To Practice





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