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Hello my free spirited uke playing friends! Let’s not waste another day, it’s time to play in the key of D! Here we go with one of the all-time social music classics (do I say that about all of these songs?), My Girl by Smokey Robinson. If this was the only social music standard he ever wrote, Smokey Robinson would be still be considered a legend but there are a lot more where this came from and it’s always right to thank him for brightening our worlds. In this tune we’ll take a close look at the chord shapes and also dig into some useful strumming patterns including the pattern I like to call “This-is-a-Really-Good-Song.” You’ll see why. By now your songbag has some gold in it and I hope that as we move along you’re able to find people to jam with. Like most things in life, music making is best done as a group endeavor. Even if that group is a uke player and a spoons player it comes alive! I suggest that once you’ve played My Girl for a bit you go back and make sure the other tunes haven’t slipped away from you. It happens! And please, drop me a line and let me know how things are going in life, liberty and the pursuit of social music.





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through and Introduction to My Girl

Loop 1:41 Breakdown of D, G, A and Em Chords

Loop 4:00 Breakdown of Rhythm and Verses

Loop 10:19 Closing Thoughts

Loop 12:58 Practice Loop


Download the Sheet Music PDF





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